Welcome to the listening note-taking methods course

Course Preparation

  • Digital folder: You will need a specific folder on your computer to put all the Word document materials from this course in.
  • A notepad and pen: You will need to have a notepad and pen (or a tablet and pen) to take detailed notes when listening to the lectures.
  • MS Office: You will need Microsoft Word Application or equivalent for the downloadable documents.

The Materials

NOTE PAD & PEN: You can do the complete course with just a notebook and pen. Follow each exercise, check the vocabulary, listen and take notes. Then check your notes with the sample answers.

DIGITAL MATERIALS: a Word document booklet for each lesson is provided at the start of each lesson in the ‘Introduction to note-take method 1,2,3,4’. Just download the booklet and work through it along with each lesson The booklet can be used digitally or printed off.

We also provide all the materials at the top of each lesson which include the listening transcripts.

The lessons

  • VOCABULARY: You have the option to check the key vocabulary before the listening.
  • NOTE-TAKING FRAMEWORK: We provide note-taking frameworks in a drop down menu.
  • ANSWERS: All answers are provided so you can check your notes to the suggested answers.
  • TRANSCRIPT: We provide the written text of every recording.

How to listen to the lectures

  • You can listen to the lectures as many times as you like.
  • You can start and stop the recording whenever you need to.
  • You can listen and follow the transcript at the same time too.
  • Always compare your answers to the sample answers.
  • Check the transcript to see what you missed and why.
  • The main idea is to practice practice practice….


  • Higher levels: Listen twice and just take notes.
  • Lower levels: Always check the vocabulary and use the note-taking frameworks to guide you.
  • Lower levels: Listen as many times as you want to and follow the transcript if necessary.