3. Listening Course: Academic Lecture Listening Tests 1

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Listening Course

Academic Listening Tests 1

  • English Level B2-C2.
  • 12-15 hour course.
  • 5 lessons (2 hours each).
  • Vocabulary building.
  • 10-minute lectures.
  • PPT slides (for note-taking).
  • Comprehension questions.
  • Lots of listening practice.
  • Transcripts and answers.
  • Duration: 40 Days.

This listening course is designed to improve your lecture note-taking skills using PowerPoint slides and longer lectures. There are five video lectures on a range of subjects, detailed PowerPoint slides (PPTs) for note taking, and comprehension questions (open answer questions, gap fill, table completion and multiple choice) to check your understanding. This course will give you authentic university lecture listening practice.

What will you learn on this course?

  • You will learn how to prepare for academic lectures.
  • You will have valuable practice in taking notes on PPT slides.
  • You will improve your topic-specific vocabulary.
  • You will improve being able to identify main ideas, subsidiary ideas, examples, and data.
  • You will practice listening to a range of topics.
  • You will have the opportunity to check your understanding and comprehension through a range of test-type questions.
  • Course duration: 40 days.

Who is this course for?

  • Level B2 (upper-intermediate) to C2 (advanced) Learners.
  • Second language speakers who want to improve their listening skills.
  • International students who want to go to an English speaking university.
  • International students who are studying at an English speaking university.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their listening note-taking skills.

Key Concepts Covered:

  • Subject-based academic lectures.
  • PowerPoint note-taking practice.
  • Note-taking strategies.
  • Subject-based vocabulary.
  • Understanding of notes via comprehension questions.
  • Understanding of lecture via comprehension questions.
  • Post-lecture activities to explore the subject in more detail.

There are five lessons included in this course with each lesson taking approximately 2 hours to complete. You have to do the course in order of each lecture 1-5. When you complete the course, you will receive a certificate.

Duration: This course lasts for 40 days once you pay. Therefore, you have 40 days to the complete all 5 lessons.

Course Content

The course consists of ten lessons. Each lesson includes a digital lesson booklet to download.

Task 1: Introduction
There will be four or five questions to introduce you to the topic.

Task 1: Introduction
Do some research and take some notes on the following questions:

Task 2: Vocabulary
You will be given 35 words to check that are used in the lecture. It is a good idea to check meaning and pronunciation in an English-to-English dictionary. E.g., Cambridge English Dictionary

Task 2: Vocabulary
Check these words from the lecture:

There is also a reference section where you should look at the sources used and make a note of the names as these will be referred to in the lecture.

Task 3: The PPT Slides
In this section, you are provided with a set of PPT slides. You should take your time to study these slides. Again, check any unknown words and do any internet research of the key terms. It is also a good idea to try to predict what the lecture will be about.

Task 3: PPT Slides
Study these slides and try to predict what the lecture will be about:

Task 4: The Lecture
You are now ready to watch the lecture. You should have your slides ready to take notes whether this is on your computer / tablet or a printed version. While you watch the video, add notes to the slides.

Task 4: Lecture Video
Listen to the lecture and take notes using the PPT slides provided:

You can download the video and watch it on your computer.
Task 5: The Comprehension Questions
After you have listened, you then use your notes to answer the comprehension questions. There are a range of question types (open questions, gap fill, table completion, multiple choice) to check your understanding of the lecture and ability to take effective notes.

Task 4: Comprehension Questions
Now use your notes to answer these comprehension questions:

Once you have completed the questions, you can check the answers and give yourself an overall score. You can check your answers in the transcript provided.
Task 6: Post-lecture Tasks
Task 6: Post Lecture
Here are some post lecture tasks you can do:

1. Write a 200-word summary of the lecture.
2. Apply critical thinking strategies to the lecture. Use this critical thinking question document: here
3. Research other types of solutions for air pollution.
4. Find and read a case study on air pollution.

These key post-lecture strategies will help you to explore the subject in more detail.
When you have completed the course, just hit ‘complete’

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