You can pay by STRIPE (credit or debit cards) or PayPal.

Once you choose a course, you will be asked to choose a method of payment.

Yes, you can pay using these payments.

Please contact us for these payment systems and we will send you a payment link.

Once you have paid, we will send you all the details to log in and start your course.

Yes, we can provide formal invoices which include all our national and international banking information. Just contact us with:

  • The type of course
  • Your name
  • Your address

Once we receive payment through bank transfer, we will send the log in details.

Please note: International buyers will incur a bank transfer / currency fee (5%). This will be added to your invoice.

If you need any further assistance, please email us

Yes, you can pay in any currency

We use two payment platforms: 

  1. STRIPE supports processing payments in 135+ currencies, allowing us to charge customers in their native currency
  2. PAYPAL: supports processing payments in 26 currencies.

We also offer WeChat and Alipay payments. Please contact us for these payment systems.

If you need any further assistance, please email us.

YES of course. We can provide formal invoices / receipts which include all our business information. Just contact us with the name and address of the person for the invoice. Please email us


This is done through the ‘My Profile’ page.

  1. You must be logged on.
  2. Go here: https://academicenglishukcourses.com/profile/
  3. This shows you the courses you are logged onto and just start or resume the course.

Each course has a specific time period clearly shown. Usually between 30-40 days.

This is the prescribed time a 12 hour course should take.

This also prevents password sharing and unfair use of our materials.

If you don’t finish the course, then you will just have to buy the course again.


Please accept our sincere apologies for any missing content, typos or broken links. 

Missing content

We’ve tried our best to include everything but mistakes can happen. If you find that something is missing or incomplet, please report it as soon as you can, and we’ll rectify the issue straightaway.


We have a meticulous proofreading process where each material is proofread by two tutors but unfortunately typos are inevitable. 

Broken Links

We check all our links periodically but sometimes the URL links change (the permalink), the pages become restricted or for no reason at all.

Please report any issues to us immediately contact us.

YES, the reading and listening texts are very similar to IELTS academic tests.

No problem. We use Microsoft OneDrive file sharing applications to share all our videos. If you are in a country where you cannot access YouTube or Google-based websites, this is your solution. Underneath every video is a “Download Video here’ link.

If you have a problem, just let us know and we’ll find a solution. Contact us.

We hope to add new courses every month. Once you become a member on our website, you will be subscribed to our newsletter.

Offers and Discounts

Yes we do. This depends on many factors and quite often our discounts / offers are quite spontaneous. Join our mailing list to be informed of upcoming promotions. We release a newsletter on average every month –  contact us.

YES, definitely. Please contact us and we will give you a 10-20% off discount code

Sorry but NO. Offers and discounts are often spontaneous on our website and only apply for that given period of time. We will not backdate or forward date discounts.